Friday, 12 December 2008

A couple of quick and easy makes

These are a couple of things I made for selling on WI stalls; the encklaces are quick and easy, and very pretty - I'm going to make myself a few when I get some more beads. The children's fleece scarves are even easier, no sewing and very quick - I made 8 in an hour.

For the scarf, take a piece of nice fleece, double sided if possible; cut a rectangle 80cm x 18cm approx and snip each end into a fringe. Use sharp scissors to create neat and even edges. Scale up for an adult size and choose an apporpriate fleece. If you have odds of fleece, you could make a nice patchwork one too.

For these, you need wooden beads, about 2cm or so across, and some pony beads in a suitable colour; ten of each bead per necklace. Choose a fine fabric, and cut a rectangle 30cm (or longer; 30cm makes a choker style necklace, so lengthen the fabric to suit) x 7cm. Press well and fold in half. Sew from one folded corner to the other, curving the ends; leave a gap of about 3 cm close to one end. You should end up with a curned elipse shape with a gap; trim the seams. (I'll try and get a picture of this when I next do some). Turn to the right side, using a knitting needle to help, carefully. thread on one pony bead over the fabric (the pointed end should enable you to push the fabric through the bead easily), down to about 15cm from the other end. Insert one of the wooden beads inside the tube through the gap, and push down until up against the pony bead; repeat this until you have ten wooden beads and eleven pony beads. Slip stitch opening shut.


Tea with Willow said...

Lovely ideas Mrs L! the fleece scarves are so quick and simple, and I love the beads too. Where do you buy your beads from?
Willow x

MrsL said...

These beads came from someone else; I'll probably buy over the net as it's usually cheaper, and buy in bulk, as I think they might be good sellers. I thought of nice summery fabrics to go with summer dresses. Woudl be a good use of chiffon type scarves that they are trying to get rid of in the charity shops, I thought.
Little lightbulb moment - you could probably make matching earrings too, but with smaller beads......
Maybe after Christmas LOL