Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Of wax and wool

Yesterday was a day of catching up on lots of little jobs, so there was enough time to fit in some other things that could get on with themselves, or be picked up and put down.

Someone on RC forum kindly sent me a box of candle ends and broken bits to melt down into new candles

I knitted a Christmas tea cosy too, with the leftovers from the jumper I was re-doing. As I knitted it two sizes smaller this time, I had enough for a hat to go with the jumper and enough spare to knit this up -

The other wool came from bits left over from other projects.
I also made a big pot of chilli for the freezer, two trays of flapjacks, a chicken casserole for supper and a huge pot of pumpkin soup. So, there were lots of opportunites for sitting down with a cup of tea or two in between! LOL


Tea with Willow said...

How on earth did you fit all that into one day, Mrs L?! I manage to get through most of my jobs, but always seem to reach a stumbling block when it comes to mealtimes .... better organisation is called for methinks!

Love the teacosy!
Willow x

LynnS said...

I, too, melt remainder candles to mold new ones. Two of my sons give me their remainders and, as if by magic, they soon receive new candles!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my latest quilt top!

Kittyboo said...

Wow - what a productive day! I love the tea cosy!