Thursday, 11 December 2008

Not quite an Aga saga..........

....... more of a Rayburn saga, sadly! We have been having a few problems with the Rayburn the past few weeks, with it keeping going out. We thought it was a different type of coal we were trying, and couldn't seem to keep a fire in, especially overnight. Mr L wanted to check the grate; it went out again last night, so he hoiked all the coal out and got in there (well, not literally) with a torch to have a look. Seems there is a leak int he boiler, where it joins on to the firebox - fairly major, and probably not repairable for a number of reasons. When the fire is running low, or banked up for the night, it's not hot enough to evaporate the drips of water coming through, so they were getting down on to the fire and dampening it rgiht down, resulting in a soggy mushy unburned coal which put the fire right out. So, it looks like a new stove is required, sadly. This one must be heading for 40, though, and we've been using it for 11+ years with few problems. Funny, we were just talking about buying an extra grate for it next time we're in town, so we woul always have a spare one. It's a vital piece if kit in our house - does the cooking, heating and hot water. I think we'll probably have to go for anothr one the same, so we can just plumb in the hot water, but this Esse Ironheart has really taken my fancy.

Lots of research required, which could be interesting. I would like a woodstove for environmental reasons, although it would be hard work keeping a good, steady supply of wood. Not impossible, though. In teh meantime, it's usable if we keep teh fire hot enough; MrL says it's safe, so I'm off to bake cheese Christmas trees for the WI party LOL Might put the kettle on too. :)


Libby said...

Oh no! How disastrous, I would find it hard to be without my Rayburn now, as dusty as it is. I hope you get what you want to replace it!!

Tea with Willow said...

How terrible Mrs L! Although, I do like the look of the one on the photo! I would love an Aga/Rayburn - my friend has one and consequently has the warmest kitchen *ever* !! Is there absolutely no way to repair 'old faithful'?
Willow x