Friday, 5 June 2009

Haul of vintage treasures..................

What wonderful finds today at the tip for us! :) The typewriter and umbrella are for Bean - she's very into vintage stuff of all sorts, and is thrilled to bits with her presents after a stressful day at college......
The unusual old lamp is for me; I'd love to get it working again, so need to get inside it and investigate it thoroughly. The Bel cream maker is up for swaps - shout if you would like it, happy to pass it on! I also managed to procure a rather nice proper vintage card table, but a very large one, good solid conidtion, complete with brass ashtrays around the edges (not that I need them....) I'm hoping it will be just big enough to hold my table loom out in the tent, or back in the cabin over winter.
I was talking to a woman at the tip - it's a great place to meet folk! She said it's a disgrace what people throw away. I agreed with her up to a point, but she had to concur that things taken and put "on the tables" aren't really thrown away, but put out for other folks to browse, buy and take home and love. Everyone wins, and all tips/recycling centres should have this facility, it's wonderful, not just for the bargains you can find, but as a recyling initiative. Does your tip do this? If not, then get in touch with the recycling department of your local council and keep on at them until they do. Tell them MrsL sent you...................;)

We've just had a quick look around the net; the typewriter is a Royal, made in New York, all adds to the interest.

Total cost for all that interest, fun and enlightenment? £7 for the whole shebang.

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