Wednesday, 3 June 2009

On the fiddle...........

I hope! I've long been a fan of real music - fok music from all cultures, from the roots of a people, from their hearts and their surroundings. I was brought up with Scottish folk music, and it was fairly inevitable that I would end up playing the fiddle. I took violin lessons at school, but it tended towards the classical; I did win aprize in a Burns competition for my fiddle playing, though, many moons ago, and still have the volume of poetry I received as a prize.

College and other life then intervened, but I did play a bit on and off over the years, but Bean has expressed an interest, and found one of her own at the tip, believe it or not! So, we now have three in total; one playable, two "requiring attention" - which they will get in the near future.
I have now been further inspired to really get back to grips with it by the challenge being issued over at Cold Antler Farm

So folks, by the end of July I want to be completely competent in playing my blog music - Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing - and in playing Ashokan Farewell, mentioned by one of the commenters at the Cold Antler Farm blog.

So wish me luck as you stick your fingers in yer ears - here we go! I might even post up a wee Youtube if I think it's OK enough LOL

By the way - the difference between a fiddle and violin - often a moot point, but this is how I have always understood it. A fiddle has a shorter height bridge to enable faster and more flexible bowing. I did read another definition that made me smile - you put a violin in a case and a fiddle in a flour sack! LOL

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allybea said...

Ooh good luck! I used to play the cello and spent many happy hours with the string orchestra at school. I don't regret much about my life but giving up music (cello and piano) and singing is definitely a regret.