Monday, 1 June 2009

Woolly workshop for the summer

We spent an hour putting up this tent in the garden yesterday; it's a generous 12ft x 12ft, and will house all our proceesing gear over the summer. By the end of the day today, it will hold 3 wheels, one drum carder, one rug loom, one table loom and several small table looms, along with bags of various fleeces I really must get done with by the end of the summer. It's great to have a space where everything is to hand,a nd we don;t have to clear it away in the house to make room for eating, etc. Bean and I will probably put our sewing machines out there too. A stomr kettle and biscuit tin will naturally have their places LOL
Really looking forward to using it, will report as we go along.

Less grass cutting to do as well LOL

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