Sunday, 7 June 2009

Strawberry jam

One of the very best of the seasonal jams - summer wouldn't be the same without it! I madet his yesterday, a good, reliable recipe.Why not give it a go?

4lbs strawberries
3 1/3 lbs sugar
6 tbsp lemon juice

Hull the berries, crush a few in the pan, then add the rest of the fruit and the lemon juice. Put in the warmed sugar, heat slowly until sugar is dissolved completely. Then bring to the boil and boil hard until setting point is reached. Skim if necessary, and leave to cool for a few minutes, then pot into clean and hot jars. Cover and seal.


Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I made 5 jars last week and I'm off to pick more strawberries today. Now shall it be more jam, strawberry cheesecake, another batch of ice-cream or a strawberry and apple crumble? Anyone got any other ideas to add?

Rosie x

MrsL said...

Strawberry wine is good for using up the squishy ones LOL.
Otherwise, strawberry syrup for making drinks later on ; for keeping, process it in glass bottles in a hot water bath, or it canb e frozen in plastic containers, or in ice cube trays for individual drinks.

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Living in France means we can't get demijohns etc so we are yet to have a go at wine making. I might do a batch of strawberry vodka though - to remind me of summer in the depth of winter. The boys loved the crumble I made and I have just found a recipe for rhubarb and strawberry sauce.

Rosie x