Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Think I've cracked the housework thing............

I've been experimenting on the housework front for the past two or three weeks, and I think I've cracked it! I know it wouldn't work for everyone, but it does for me, so am pleased so far. Although I haven't gone out to work myself for a long time, now, MrL does the Monday to Friday thing; so, my life is still organised around weekday/weekend divide. I had begun to realise that by the Wednesay/Thursday morning I was definitely running out of steam in the housework department, and it occurred to me that I could treat the whole week like a day. Start off full of beans in the morning, then by supper time, tired, had enough. So now, I do the bulk of my housework - tidying, cleaning,washing, etc on Mondays. Tuesday is ironing, plus the leftovers from Monday (eg today it's the bathroom, which I didn't get cleaned yesterday); Wednesday is mending/sewing;Thursday is any other stuff that needs doing;Friday is now baking day. Odd bits of laundry etc get fitted in too. Teh rest of teh week is split into mornings and afternoons - mornings for the hosuework bits, afternoons for making, gardening, reading, etc.
I can still fit in the necessaries - sweeping floors, cooking, plus gardening, bits of baking as required, brewing, sewing, etc on the afternoons and evenings. So far, it's been a success, and the pressure to do housework everyday has eased off. So far, byt Wednesday, the work in the house is winding down, so come the weekend, it's usually all or mostly done, so the weekends are free of the chores, and I can spend them gardening, sewing, knitting, etc, or going out if we have to, and getting back to a proper day of rest on the Sunday. I love it when a plan comes together - it doesn't often! LOL
The photos show some of the things I got done yesterday - made some yoghurt and picked sweet peas, started 4 gallons of elderflower wine,Washed soem tea towels, got the soap cut for further drying before storing, and got the mushrooms ready for putting away after drying.


Carolemc said...

That sounds like a great plan Sarah. I am doing the full time work at the moment, and frequently feel like I am constantly rusing round with no time to enjoy things at a sensible pace.

In a similar vein to you I try to get the house cleaned at the end of the week, so that I can enjoy it when I'm off at the weekend and relax doing some cooking and gardening tasks.

Photos are very inspirational by the way!

Pixiedust said...

An inspiring post Sarah. I'm dreadfull when it comes to the housework. I really need to get on top of it, then keep on top of it by doing a bit at a time. It would be so nice not to worry about the housework at the weekend. Lovely pics too. xxx