Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday on the farm

I spent today with Bean and a friend demosntrating spinning at Longburton Farm which was taking part in Open Farm Sunday. I spent a blissful five hours spinning, with nothing else to do, a whole five hours. Bliss; I got one and a half bobbins spun of the pre-prepared Southdown fleece I am currently working on. Bean took a small bit of video; not the best quality, apparently the wheel was going too fast to register it turning, shutter speed, etc, but that's me spinning. The pciture above is of some of the flock of Poll Dorsets on the farm, really beautiful sheep, great characters, and lovely wool to boot.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today.
I love all the new blogs
I have found. Quite a unique group.
I love making new blogging friends..
I have several Disney posts already on my blog and have several more to post. Hope you will stop by for a visit.

MrsL said...

Hello Teresa, welcome to the blog; thanks for visiting. I'll pop over later. :)