Monday, 19 October 2009


Last night for supper I picked fresh cabbage from the garden; it was so fresh, vital and green, you could just see and taste the goodness in it. It was steamed lightly with a little butter, and served with cottage pie.

Tonight's freshness will come from the last of the carrots, and some baby leeks which I disturbed whilst removing plants to make way for the garlic cloves to get planted - no matter, they just look really sweet tasting, so I'm looking forward to those! Lots left in the ground for winter use too, yellow ones and blue ones, old French heirloom varieties. They don't get huge and tough, just full of mild leek flavour and an unbeatable fresh green-ness in the depths of winter.

One other of my missions in the freshness department is orange juice; there is so much packaging involved when buying it - plastic bottles, glass bottles, foil-lined boxes, wax cartons with plastic caps........... I've gone back to nature's packaging and am again buying oranges for squeezing at home. The packaging from these was plastic nets, but I'm sure I can find a use for them; they were bought as they were on a good special offer.Next week I'll search out loose ones and use my re-usable net bags for them - they're getting used to them at the tills now LOL. The orange skins go on the compost heap, or get sliced into a wine if I'm brewing at the time, or put on any bed I need neighbourhood cats to stay off.

It's lovely here this morning, quite fresh, but pleasant enough to work comfortably outside in a t-shirt (just). After planting the garlic and wallflowers, I took the opportunity to tidy up the bench outside the kitchen window, which I can see from the sink. I try to have seasonal colour in pots on it - easy and fairly cheap to ring the changes to vary the view whilst I'm washing, or washing the dishes. I potted up cyclamens and a couple of pinks with late flowers; planted pots of yellow crocuses and a couple of colchicums, although it's a bit late for those, probably, but they'll still be there next year. Sorted and watered the auriculas, and re-potted a couple of spider plants ready for putting in the bathroom later on today.

Pleased with my efforts, and now having a well-deserved cup of tea!

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