Monday, 19 October 2009

I will not pay

- a levy on my electricity bill to pay for nuclear power stations to be built. Not in my name. I don't know how I will get round it if it's introduced, but I will fight so hard against this, so help me God.

I would like to see a choice whereby the consumer can choose where the levy goes - mine, if I had to pay it at all, would go to renewables - research and development, building etc.


Jacqui said...

Wow - thats a shocking story! I already use a renewable energy company, so it seems incredible to suggest that I pay to subsidise the nuclear industry. What a legacy for our children - to have to deal with all that nuclear waste! Still, it may spur us on to build the wind generator in the garden. xx

MrsL said...

Me too, Jacqui; we've talked about it for ages now; even if it's enough to power light for a couple of sheds or so, that would be good, we can expand as we go along. We're with Good Energy.



Becks said...

I'm shocked.
Why don't they just tell us how to live our lives at birth, we certainly seem to be losing all choice in how we live, how we parent, what we spend our money on, what we believe in.
If only we could live our dream and end our dependancy on power companies.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to realistic here - a country of 60 million people is never remotely going to be powered by renewables any time in the future. Wind farms are now attracting as much local opposition as nuclear sites - and require so much energy to build and maintain them that they are hardly carbon neutral themselves!

One small example of unwitting energy consumption: hosting your blog is done through "server farms" that together use a vast amount of electrical energy 24/7.

MrsL said...

I ama aware of all the points you raise there "anonymous", so hardly "unwitting energy consumption" on my part - we are very energy aware in this household, but still not where we want to be regarding energy supplies and usage. I'm no saint, and don't profess to be. lol
I always have and always will be against nuclear power.
It's our intention to get off grid when we can; in the meantime, we have as few electrical appliances and goods as we can and try to use them wisely.
I would like the choice of where my money goes though, as I try to do with all other income expenditure in the house. I agree that a country fully dependent on renewables is probably eons intot eh future, if it ever happens atall, but in teh meantime, I'd like my money to go into research and development of these things, rather than towards nuclear.