Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Keep it local

- as much as possible, anyway.

We are fortunate enough in our wee village to have a community run shop. The previous owners lost interest many years ago, and really ran the place down, stock and customer wise - rudeness and ignorance seemed to be their watchwords, and the shop and PO were threatened with closure. Long story short, the shop is now up and running, has been since April 6th of this year. I volunteer my services on a Wednesday, and really enjoy it in there - a wide range of customers, mostly local, stopping for a chat or a cup of tea if we have the kettle on (usually!); folk bring in surplus produce to sell, either donating all to the shop or splitting the money. I did part of my weekly shop there today too; plenty of lcoal stuff to buy - local sausages and ham, butter, bread ( sell by date, half price from freezer - we like a bargain), Vinny cheese (favourite in this house!) , locally picked brambles (Ii know the lads who picked them!), local cheddar cheese and a bottle of wine from the vineyard here in the village. Fair enough, I can't get everything I want there - free range meat isn;t stocked, or Ecover products, and they had run out of recycled loo roll; I also wanted 10 bags of sugar, which would have wiped out the whole stock of sugar! So, I did what I could, and put my money where my mouth is and shopped local, into cloth bags rather than carriers.
I am very glad I can do at least some of my shopping there - they stock a good mix of basics and local specialities, papers,  local milk and eggs from the far round the corner (the lady from the farm volunteers in the  shop too). I feveryone bought a wee bit regularly,from our village and the surrounding ones, then that would be wonderful.
Inevitably local village politics reared its ugly head, and there have been problems, but with a new committee (just call me Madam Secretary!! lol ) we are looking forward and I really believe we are on track to make a success of it all.
In addition, I learned today  that our pub will hopefully be re-opening in early December. A good day for the Caundles, I reckon!

Let's hear it for local..............  :))

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