Saturday, 3 September 2011

Community jam...........

A big part of the community shop in the village where I volunteer is actually involving the local people in it; one way we do this is be inviting and encouraging folk to bring in their surplus fruit and veg for sale - they can donate entirely , in which case the shop receives the full price, or they can do eg 50/50. Most folk donate, which is generous and community-spirited of them. As you are all aware probably, this has been a very good yeyar for damsons and plums - again! Not all of the last lot donated were sold, and were starting to go squishy in the trays. I brought them home and have turned them (half so far) into jam; this will be given back to the shop for their use. I am unable to sell it as I am not using an 'approved' (by Trading Standards) kitchen, so I enviage something like 'a free jar of local lum jam when you spend over £5' or similar. The rest of the plums I think will go for chutney, ready in time for Christmas. I'll print up some nice labels tomorrow for it all, and can't see it staying on the shelves for long!


Sue xx said...

What a great wee shop you have there. I love the patchwork background too...did you make the patchwork?

MrsL said...

No, it's one of the free backgrounds you can get on the net just for blogs - this one's from

It is pretty, though isn't it?