Monday, 29 August 2011

Oak Fair

I've been to each and every one of these so far, this being the 7th year. It's a wonderful, small, local ( and local-ish) celebration of all things wood and wood related. A huge range of interesting stands and stalls, displays and handmade items to look at and see - the most tactile of fairs you could imagine. You are invited to touch the wood, run your hand over sculptures, pick up and look, and spend time talking to the craftsmen about their work and ideas etc. As usual, I met some wonderfully inspiring and interesting people, some of whom I already know, lots of new ones too. Here's a few photos, just to give a flavour of it all -
 Stunning fox and hare wood carving, could have taken this home................just beautiful

 I'm not a fan of roped birds of prey and wild birds, but this wee chap was so beguiling and well behaved  I had to take a photo!

 Casting bronze...........

 My favourite sheep - Poll Dorset; some of the loveliest wool to spin too. These were three young ewes

By the cider tent

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