Thursday, 5 July 2012

Back in the groove.............

Completely out of commission yesterday; I put my back out badly on Monday morning and could hardly move; it's happened before, so I knew that with more or less complete rest it would be fine in 48 hours or so. So yesterday, I did zilch, anda, nothing, zero!!!!  I mean it, absolutely nothing apart from washa few dishes - and that took half an hour. True to form, though, am much better today, just the odd twinge, so am being careful still, especially if I cough or sneeze - that way lies disaster...............
Full of energy this morning, but have beent aking it slowly. I've just come back in from a garden wander. Strange old gardening year so far, isn't it?  I see one of the branches of the Victoria may be sadly lost, will need to get up close and personal for an inspection to decide what to do - wrested from the trunk by the recent high winds. I can spy no quinces, and few apples, so assume it was a difficult year for pollination. All is lost not, there a few on the Bardsey Island tree. The rest of the garden seems to have thrived on semi-neglect, warmth and a LOT of rain! Poppy treasures are appearing right now

Soft fruit ready for harvesting too - black currants, redcurrants, gooseberries and a load of raspberries. I'll pick the rasps this afternoon in case of more rain, and the rest at the weekend. The garden smells of roses and rain, and I spent a half hour up the top with the poultry and goats, scratching their necks and watching the bees. It's nice out there, warm now and sunny, but with the threat of rain in the air.
How's your garden doing?

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