Monday, 2 July 2012

Twas the night before shopping

Twas the night before shopping
And all through the house
Tummies were rumbling
Yes - even the mouse!
Fridges were empty
Apart from some scraps -
A half of a lemon and two crumbly baps.
Soft tomatoes and onions were chopped in a pan,
With leftover cheese sauce (not out of a can).
Shreddings of ham from the last of the pack
And a handful of mushrooms I found at the back.
On with the pasta
In all kinds of shapes,
Oddments from four bags
Not one did escape!
Then came the question
the Five O'clock Shout:
'What is for tea mum, or will we go out?'
All was cooked up
Just using my wits,
That great mothers' standby
'Pasta - with bits' !


Mum said...

Love from Mum

Freda said...

This is brilliant! We used to put out every single thing that was left in the cupboards and fridge, on our best dishes, and call it a 'pick and choose'. They loved it bless them!

Sue xx said...

Just wonderful, I saw Gail had posted it on Facebook too,

Maria said...

I loved this verse and boy is it true!
All us Mothers must be smiling at this...
Maria x