Monday, 2 July 2012

More nonsense

Claiming to have made a 'nutritionally sound' pizza, and going on to tackle curry and fish and chips, to make it easier for those who buy ready meals and the like to achieve a blanaced diet. To my mind, a proper traditional pizza, made with good wholesome ingredients and not rubbish, can be an adequate and welcome part of a balanced diet, same with a good curry or good fish and chips. Less salt in everything would be a start, the salt levels in ready meals are horrendous. I think the money involed in the research could be much better spent.  People shouldn;t have to be encouraged in this way to achieve a balanced diet - more emphasis should be put on good, wholesome fresh food made at home, rather than what is effectiely still crap food and lining the pockets of the mutilnationals who in all truth don't give a fig about ordinary folks' health so long as their bottom line is showing a profit.

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Diligent Gardener said...

Good quality food is much more the answer than claiming a new ready meal is now healthy. If more people went back to home cooking then that would be a start to tackle the health problems in the UK today.