Saturday, 7 July 2012

Longheld wish a big step nearer

For many years now, I've wanted to raise my own chicks and have my 'own' flock of chickens; it's happening now :)  My friend bought a lovely incubator which we will share between us, and I have bought a brooder. The added extra for me is that this really is my project - anything I need so far I have bought/shared, and I will build the wee house/repair one and run too, all without input from others. No half hearted attempt at self-reliance in this case, it's all or nothing!  I'll be keeping records etc too, to see how the project goes over time, and am starting a separate blog in the next couple of days as part of it, details and links to follow when up and running.
Initially the  hens will be for egs; I may get into meat birds/dual purpose in the future, but not for the moment. Anyone who knows me/reads my blogs etc knows of my Scottish connections and love of rare breeds, so to this end, I bought a dozen Scots Dumpy eggs on e-bay, which arrived safe and sound yesterday:

They are now snuggled inside the incubator, which is turning slowly back and forth on the table beside me. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have the beginnings of my own flock of rare breed chickens. Be assured there will be lots of  photos on the blog, and lots of progress reports. I am more determined than ever to be able to do things by myself and on my own, being truly self-reliant, no half measures here lol
It's a good feeling and a real boost to have made such a start :)

Scots Dumpy, also known as Bakies, Crawlers and Creepies have been bred in Scotland for over a century. Similar breeds can be traced back to AD900 and it is said that the Picts used to carry them into their battle camps where they used to warn of approaching strangers. They have a very heavy body and waddle as they walk due to their very short legs. They are large, low birds with long broad bodies, a deep breast and medium sized, neatly tucked wings. The tail is long and flowing and they have a fine head. The beak is curved, the eyes are large and bright and they have a medium single comb which is upright and serrated. The face is smooth and the earlobes are small while the wattles are medium sized. They have four toes and very short legs.  (from Omlet website)

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