Thursday, 20 March 2008

Field walking

The Bean went out field walking while I was in the kitchen yesterday - came back with some interesting finds. Always lots of fossils about, as our village stands on a run of corn braish, full of good fossils, bits and pieces. Lovely big ammonite fossil, bit of old roof tile, several fossilised shells and a lovely little stone with a perfect white heart formed inside it - this one looks like it has been napped on the other side, very interesting.


Greentwinsmummy said...

I put my fossils on my blog earlier!spooooky! or maybe we are feeling like old fossils hahahaha!hope you feel better real soon x

Pixiedust said...

You'll be proud of me MrsL I made my lemon curd this afternoon. It took a bit longer to set than I thought but I snuck a taste and its lovely. I halved the ingredients as didn't have enough, but made two jars and a bit. The bit is in a jug in the fridge for tomorrows toast. Thanks for the recipe. Happy Easter/Ostara. xxx

MrsL said...

Well done pixiedust - you won't find a better recipe than that one. Ours doesn't keep very well as we tend to eat it by the spoonful :0)

GTM - I prefer the spooky.........!