Monday, 17 March 2008

St Patrick's Day

I don't celebrate St Patrick's Day really, but found this an interesting piece:

"The greatest of St Patrick's miracles was that of driving the venemous reptiles out of Ireland, and rendering the Irish soil, for ever after, so obnoxious to the serpent race that they instantaneously die on touching it. Colgan seriously relates that Patrick accomplished this feat by beating a drum, which he struck with such fervour that he knocked a hole in it, thereby endangering the success of the miracle. But an angel appearing mended the drum and the patched instrument was long exhibited as a holy relic"

Chambers book of Days, 1864

I knew about the snakes bit, but he drum part is new to me. Also, on this day in 1845, one Stephen Perry of London patented the rubber band. So there you go...............

Had a busy weekend, mainly involving getting the quiz for the village hall done, organised and performed; not a great turn out, but it went well, good food, and made some money for the hall; won an Easter egg in the raffle too :) Yesterday was very wet and windy, so nothing done outside - tackled the ironing mountain instead, and got it all done - there was a lot...........again....... I really need to be more organised and do it at least once a week. Might sit down later and work out a routine type thing totry and keep on top of everything; this is difficult when you'd rather be knitting or whatever, but OH didn't seem too happy to proscribe to that view when I tried to explain to him. :0) I'd like to work it so that all the housework was done during the week, leaving Saturday for going out and about, and Sunday at home knitting, gardening, sewing, and special food. Must try harder.

Not much planned for the rest of the week, might make a Simnel cake this year for Easter, although we don;t celebrate Easter as such, but I enjoy the rituals and seasonal food. Friends coming over Friday morning for coffee and hot cross buns, and Parish Council meeting on Tuesday night. New crochet project started - didn;t mean to, but couldn;t resist; kicking myself over the computer inexplicably shutting itself down *3* times alst night, in the last 2 1/2 minutes of an e-bay aution I was watching for some rather nice Alice Starmore wool. Missed it in the end, and it only went for 4.00. Not pleased, especially when OH said that I had lots of wool alreadyl - he really doesn't understand. Ah well.

Friday's tip treasures at 50p each - very nice coffee grinder which I shall keep for spices only, and a lovely big old floral patterned bowl, complete with badly mended crack at the back, but I love it. It goes very well in the kitchen with the green paint.

Mid-day update:I've got a fair bit done so far; washing down and folded, wet washing up, on the pulley, also a lien outside, more put int he machine and water butt enptied; bird feeders re-filled, all animals fed, ironing done, cake eaten and coffee drunk!


Pixiedust said...

I could of written that post myself. I make lots of lists of household chores to be done and be more organised, but alas it normally stops at the lists. Your morning sounds like mine food shopping, washing, dog walked dinner cooked and cake eaten (home baked of course). Washing up still to do before work but i'm taking five.

MrsL said...

I wish I was a list person, but I'm not! Ah well........... I spend most of my life trying to be more organised and tidy, but it's just not working. :0)