Monday, 12 May 2008

Firsts asparagus of the season...

.....we had it last night in a flan - home grown asparagus, our own eggs, and homemade goat's cheese, with lovely crunchy fresh mixed salad leaves from the greenhouse. Hoping to be picking again tomorrow. Interestingly, I was reading about this yesterday in a book, where the author recommends snapping the stalks off, so as to avoid damaging any spears still under the ground with said knife. I've always cut mine, which is the traditional way. Doubly satisfying for me, as I grew the plants from seed a few years back; last year we got about 4 1/2lbs all together from them. I'm on the hunt for some wild asparagus to grow round the edge of the garden - I did find some plants last year, but didn't get them, so will be a-Googling later on, I reckon.

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