Monday, 12 May 2008

Old May Day

Today is the day when May Day used to be celebrated in England; traditionally the time for putting out cattle to pasture, and heralds the start of the cheese-making season, and was once a widespread holiday. It was/is also believed that horses, pigs and cats born in May are particularly troublesome; May cats are said not to kill rats and mice, but will bring in toads, adders and slow worms. May farrowing pigs are said to be mroe likely to devour their young. I'm not sure whether any of these beliefs are still held, but would be interested to find out. (source - Maypoles, Martyrs and Mayhem)

Saturday saw a visit to the annual Turnworth in spring event, held on a local estate in near to Bulbarrow Hill, on the edge of the Blackmore Vale. Lovely, gentle, quiet event, with ltos of animals, traditional country crafts, etc, raising money for two local churches. Pictures are of some of the interesting things going on.

The weather has been very hot, but have got some gardening done, trying to avoid the very middle of the day - still lots to get in the ground and tidy up and around, and the front badly needs attention too, but I might get there eventually.

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