Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The perfect sponge cake recipe

Thought I would share this, as a recipe I have perfected over the years, and now I don't use any other recipe for sponge cakes. The one in the picture is a coffee sponge, but this versatile recipe can have anything added that you like, and can be baked as a sandwich cake or in a loaf tin; the other cake I made this morning was a caraway cake in a loaf tin.

6oz butter, softened

6oz granulated sugar

3 medium/large eggs, beaten together

6 oz self-raising flour

milk to mix if required

flavouring - strong diluted instant coffee, cocoa, dried fruit, vanilla, cocnut, spices, etc to taste

Prepare your choice of tin - I butter and flour mine, trying to avoid the use of greaseproof paper if I can. Cream butter and sugar together until well mixed and creamy; gradually add beaten eggs, then the flour. A dropping consistency is required, so add a little milk to soften the mixture if necessary, then add your choice of flavourings if using - the plain recipe with nothing added is very good. turn into prepared tin/tins and bake in a fairly fast oven until well risen and golden brown. Turn out carefully and cool on a wire rack, decorate/ice/fill as required. Eat large piece with a good cup of tea. :0)

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kathyann said...

your cake looks gorgeous,bet it tastes good too just cut us a slice and we'll be round lol
This is another one to go in my blogging recipe book!
Love from Kathy and the girls