Monday, 12 May 2008

Tulips and quilt blocks

Still soldiering on with various quilt block projects from variosu forums. These two are for an American forum, making a total of 6 done for this one; I think there are another 6 to go. I then cut out for another 4, but these are to catch up with another forum's BOM project - there, there are two per month, so you can choose your preferred one, but being me, I seem to have undertaken to do two a month, so should end up with 24 quite soon. I have another 6 to catch up on after these 4 ared one, but so far, not bought any fabric for any of them. Today, I have a little applique to do on a Friendship quilt block and get it ready for sending off.

The tulips I am especially pleased with - I was sure they were plain red in thepacket, but look what came up - striped and fringed. Reminiscent of an 18th C Dutch painting, they are truly gorgeous.

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