Thursday, 15 May 2008


One of my favourite quotes on simplicity from the incomparable John Lane:

"A life of simplicity is always relative; friends who have chosen to grow most of their own food and live a frugal existence are affluent in comparison with the austerities of, say, a landless Indian peasant or a medieval Celtic saint. They own furniture and books, suffer no shortage of food, and may even go on holidays. So in proposing the importance of simple living I am not referring to a life of penury but one that hs has turned its back on the wasteful consumer lifestyle, one that seeks to avoid the sense of dissatisfaction and unrealised potential inherent in a life of purely material excess, one that takes the middle way between self-indulgent opulence and a distressing material poverty. "Voluntary simplicity," I wrote in Timeless Simplicity, "is a pathway towards the maintenance of a life that is comfortable but not luxurious, frugal but not pinching, decent but not boring: one that seeks to discard the specialist's divisions between work and life, art and everyday activity."

I read that and feel inspired to do more towards living a simpler life, although I am doing much more than a lot of people towards downshifting, simplicity, spiritual awareness and living lightly on the earth - it's not enough, though, and I feel a sea change is imminent in my personal endeavours towards a simpler life.

Sea change - A radical, and apparently mystical, change


Greentwinsmummy said...

its so important not to get into a rut,many do,they tick that box & that box & then settle back & cease evolving :oS.
Lifes about always changing,always seeking a better,simpler way to live it. I look forward to seeing where your sea change takes you x

Kim said...

I agree, with you both :) We could all do with a little simplicity in our lives.

Kim x

Anonymous said...

I love John Lane, newly discovered thanks to his being talked about on the forum. The beginning of the book where a man does enough to make sure his and his family's needs are met but spends the rest of the time relaxing is somewhere I want to be.

I also feel on the cusp of some kind of precipice, about to tip over to some new area in my life, forever challenging myself and striving towards a better place. Look forward to hearing about your sea change too. :)