Sunday, 22 June 2008

Monday looming.......

........feeling much better today, so on the mend. Got the jam wine underway, and baked spiced banana muffins for the imminent visit of a friend bringing me her unwanted carpet loom! What a gift that is.......picture above. Weather been a bit iffy here all weekend, better today, but illness and bad weather put the kybosh on our Solstice plans, sadly. Been picking more sweet peas - the one in the picture is my favourite - Cupani, of the original stock sent /brought over from Sicily by an Italian monk. I got my knitted squares done for a forum project and sent off, so was able to tick that off the list too, and made some dog food after reading about it on Down to Earth blog; luckily the dog has taken to it, so I will keep on with that.

Hahahaha - the computer locked up, so Monday has well and truly loomed, a beautiful morning out there, so need to get up and get on now! ah well...........:0)

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