Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wool and curd-filled day!

Got up early to get some lemon curd on the go for the WI market tomorrow; greentwinsmummy came over this afternoon and kindly picked it up to take there for me; sent some duck and chicken eggs too, the boxes resplendent in their newly printed out Lynn Cottage labels, looking very smart.

The pictures above are of yesterday and today's spinning efforts; I have completed two skeins of knittable wool, one of which was then knitted into the sampler of garter stitch. This was some Gotland fleece from the Guild I was given for a challenge, so I challenged myself to get on with it!! I am really, really pleased to have got the hang of it, more or less, and feel confident enough to tackle the fleece mountain that is lurking behind the front door (and on top of my wardrobe, and in the cabin, and in some drawers.........)
Up early tomorrow morning to trial the non-shop shopping - hope the weather is better than it is at the moment, though!
Teh rest of the day was spent on research - alternatives to paraffin for the lamps (lloking hoepful); researching uses of meadowsweet, just coming into bloom here in teh damper ditches and verges; more grain research.
It's a full and happy life.


kathyann said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy Mrs L!!!!!!
Kathy and the girls

Leanne said...

I;d be interested in both the paraffin alternatives, and the uses for meadowsweet, looking forwrd to a post about both!!

Leanne x

Jitterbug said...

Made your Lemon Curd over the week-end and absolutely love it! Never had homemade before. Remember my mum buying shop bought as a child but this was yummy. I will definitely be on the look out for cheap lemons to make more. How long does the curd last once made and sealed and does it need to be refrigerated? I am a bit nervous of the eggs??