Tuesday, 24 June 2008

View across the vale

This is the view from our bedroom window; I have a look out over the vale every morning with the binoculars - what a start to the day! It's especially lovely on mornings like this - early light, clear and bright. The building on the left is an old stone barn the pub uses for storage, and the table you can see in the pub garden is the one we sat at for knitting last night; it was so lovely sitting out there, just knitting away with all that in the background. There are corn poppies in the field too. I don't suppose very much has changed from Thomas Hardy's days and his Vale of the Little Dairies; if you go up on to the hill behind, Bulbarrow hill, the view laid out before you is just stunning. On a quiet day up there, with few people about, it's just you and the wind. If we take the telescope, we can see our house; it's a good hunting ground for gorse, brambles, sloes, wild garlic......... There are about 3 or 4 houses up the hill - imagine living there! Bit bleak in the winter, but I wouldn't mind that, it would be worth it for the views.


thesnailgarden said...

Sounds heavenly.

Best wishes Pj xx

kathyann said...

Sounds good to me too!
I love sitting out in the fresh air with my knitting or a bit of sewing far nicer than sitting infront of the tele!
Love from Kathy and the girls