Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Pasta, knitting and General Custer.............

On this day in 1867, a patent for barbed wire was granted to Lucien B Smith..........

Today is also the date of Custer's last stand in 1876, the infamous day when he led 650 soldiers into battle against thousands of Native American warriors in teh vally of the Little Big Horn river. Custer had been ordered to wait for reinforcements before launching the attack, and his decision to "go it alone" - variously seen as an act of great courage or great folly - resulted in the deaths of 267 officers and men, including Custer himself (Chambers book of Days - note to self : wonder why the number of Native American deaths seem not to be recorded?)

In between cooking and washing yesterday, I got some more squares knitted for the blanket swap, and made up the quilt squares int he evening; this is a nice block, simple and effective. I think it would lovely in a red and white quilt.

I decided to make pasta yesterday, as I hadn't done it for a while; turned it into a "How to........" for the forum, which can be found here:

It was to use up some bits too; a rather elderly pot of dried wild mushrooms lurking in the alrder served well as a base for the sauces, with some tinned tomatoes, pesto and cream; topping is yoghurt and mozzarella. It was very good, if I say so myself!

Not sure what's happening today, apart from going to work for a while - I do a home help for someone in the village a couple of times a week, so always need to remember to go and do that!

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