Thursday, 26 June 2008

We had the first of the new potatoes last night for tea; teh whole meal was home -produced - cheese omlette with own eggs and homemade cheese, spring cabbage and potatoes from the garden, lemon meringue ice cream with our eggs, meringue and lemon curd. Very satisfying to have produced such a great proportion of a meal yourself, and the thrill never goes. These potatoes are Edzell Blue, a heritage variety - they are violet coloured before cooking, though, a truly stunning colour. Unless you steam them or bake them, though, they lose most fo their colour in teh cooking, but retain the taste, which is the important bit!

I'm getting back into the twice monthly KAL dishcloth project; I hadn't done any for a while whilst the printer was out of action; this is the current one, knitted up in a gold coloured cotton, needs a bit of concentration, though!

This has been lurking in my docs for a while, now got around to posting it. I picked this up on my favourite jewellery stall at the market; she does lovely vintage stuff at really cheap prices, and I found this lovely little horse in the 50p box; I'm fairly sure it's silver, probably South American, but there are no marks on it at all. Not that it matters, I think he's all the more lovely for it!


kathyann said...

Great find you got there,the head looks like that of a sea horse or is that just me!!!
Great looking potatoes,do you have a link so we can order a catalogue for next years veg,thanks!
Love from Kathy and the girls

Leanne said...

I have a carved marble horse i bought in mexico that looks very similiar sarah.

leanne x