Monday, 11 August 2008

Back in the swing.........

Nice to be back after a few days away from here! Bit of a disrupted routine due to various things. Major event was Bean's 17th birthday on Thursday last; we had a lovely day out - Dorchester in the morning, where she got her present - a very pretty Elizabeth spinning wheel, then a trawl of the charity shops, then on to the cinema in Yeovil for the X files film (not me, I did some more charity shops!) and pizza. Friday was down to Wimborne for the farmer's market and shopping. Strange weekend in that I spent most of it out of the kitchen! Due to the rain, OH decided he *had* to take his bike to bits, so did it in there, so my kitchen was filled with grimy morotbike bits for two days, so not much done in there. Never mind, spent Saturday afternoon watching Tales from the Green Valley and spinning, so got lots of that done, then more or less the same yesterday.
Anyway, all back to normal now, looking forward to more blogging, house straightening and even some gardening if the weather holds off. Sadly, the potatoes got blight - the whole lot went down between Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, so I need to get out and lift the tubers today some time. Only the second time in 20 years, so not bad going; however, teh warm wet weather made it inevitable. I also need to get some winter veg planted out and the usual tidying up as well. All activities interspersed with lots of tea drinking and contemplation, ofcourse - I can use my new cups in the photo. They are so sweet, came in a matching round box, from the charity shop. I swear tea tastes nicer from a proper cup and saucer......:)

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