Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sock yarns .....

Above is a pair of socks (now finished, since I took the pic yesterday) I knitted as a barter for transportation of my carpet loom - they will be off to the recipient this week coming. I love sock knitting, and haven't bought socks for about 6 eyars now; the recent surge in interest has resulted in some wonderful sock knitting books and yarns available, there are just too many socks I want to knit!! Good small projects, portable (get loads done in the car!! :)), make very good presents, small qunatities of woll/yarn used, so that proverbial boat can be pushed out a bit. I have quite a few sock yarns to tell, but my favourite concerns my great grandmother. My great grandfather had a funeral to go to, but no black socks; in those days, you either wore the proper attire for such events, or didn't go, thus shaming the family. My ggm stayed up all night and knitted him a pair of black socks to wear the next day for the funeral - now that's going some! Wonder if that's where I get it from!

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