Saturday, 16 August 2008

To market , to market, to buy a fat pig............

Actually, it's just as well they don't sell fat pigs there.............. I always make sure I have bought the weekly shopping before I brave the lovely, interesting stalls in the other sections of the market; always something interesting, and I get to visit my lovely vintage jewellery lady too. Yesterday, she had the little candlesticks; solid brass, enamelled in sea green and cream flowers, about 7 " tall. They look beautiful on the sitting room mantlepiece. Funny, but I feel I've ahd them before, or seen them somewhere before, or touched them, can't quite put my finger on it. The other thing that caught my eye was a table cloth, shown in the close up above; oldish Irish linen, well used, but beautifully looked after in the most wonderful colours, a lovely faded solid red, with floral print. Just fits the kitchen table, very, very pleased with it.
I am in the process of moving things around in the kitchen, so the table cloth was a welcome addition.
It's so nice to have the time and opportunity to shop slowly like this - I have from 7.30 am until about 12pm to myself, to do the food shopping, plunder the charity shops, have coffee and croissant, talk to the producers in the farmer's market, just take my time and enjoy the whole experience. An added bonus yesterday was my old sandal finally giving up the ghost; I spent the morning in bare feet, which was wonderfully liberating, felt great and brought back lots of memories of going barefoot more often than not! Much more comfy than shoes. My new sandals arrived in the post this morning, but if it's nice weather again, I would like to repeat the experience!


Greentwinsmummy said...

swoons over the table cloth!! anything red attracts me like a magnet I adore the colour!
Gorgeous candlesticks,maybe they were yours in a previous life :o)

Beautiful Flower said...

I just love your blog...Happy life to you. :)

MrsL said...

Thankyou, Beautiful flower, that's appreciated. :)

GTM - you may stroke my tablecloth next time you are over........ :0)