Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Turn of the year...........

Today it is autumn here. The year turns for me in autumn; harvesting, first yellowing of leaves, a perceptible shift in the light and its quality, golden, wind, looking forward and back, inside and out. Autumn is a time when I undertake quite a few changes, physical and mental, looking back and planning forward. My life isn't as simple as it could be, so I will be changing things on that level, the physical often being easier to undertake and complete than the inner. I will be moving on quite a bit over the coming weeks I feel, on many levels, and looking forward to it. I need change to inspire and stimulate. There will be a lot of the out with the old, in with the new......... Exciting times, and nice to have changes to hug to your heart and keep to yourself as well as the more visible ones you are happy to share.

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