Tuesday, 28 October 2008

And another thing...........

Well, two actually! Just a couple of photos I took to share.

This is a pair of gloves done for one of Bean's fellow students - he wanted something sinister, and this was as sinister as I could muster in wool!LOL Skull and crossbones on the back of the right glove, and an evil eye on the palm of the left. For some reason, known only to him, the index finger on each hand had to be missed. Apparently he was over the moon with them, so that was good!

This is a pic of the hail that arrived quite abruptly yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon. Hard, cold and noisy, it hung around for quite a while. A herald to the rest of the week's weather, I believe, when we are getting a cold snap - there was a goodly layer of frost on the car this morning. Hopefully it'll be cold enough to actually wear some of the woollies I have knitted over the past year or so! LOL


Leanne said...

i love those gloves.... ( But I would want all the fingers present!! :-)

Leanne x

kathyann said...

Our Beth would love these,she loves anything gothic but she too would want all the fingers too.
Love from Kathy and the girls