Sunday, 26 October 2008

Easy going Sunday

A nice easy going day here, although a fair proportion of it was spent in the kitchen. We had half a lamb delivered yesterday, so that had to be dealt with. It came ready butchered, so just had to be sorted. There was a lot of meat on it, and the leg is roasting in the oven now, the rest in the freezer, the trimmings sorted to feed the dog for the next few days. I also made a coffee sponge, two trays of flpajacks and a pan of HFW's murgh makhani (butter chicken), which is our favourite curry, had it the last three Sundays in a row now! Wet and miserable here all day; I cleaned out the goat yard in the pouring rain this morning, but at least it's better for them, and they have it dry underfoot for getting at the hayrack. Ducks don't mind it, but chickens seriously unimpressed :) Also fitted in some reading, the new Resurgence magazine and a bit of knitting. Nice easy evening, just the washing up and sandwiches to do, then a big hot bath I think, ready to face another week. MrL says forecast is for cold weather, which I don't mind, so will be out with the woolly socks. Tomorrow is the start of preparations for the winter here now the clocks have gone back, so will post about that as and when it happens.

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Tina said...

Sounds like a really relaxing Sunday! As I didn't get around to do it yesterday I might bake some goodies tonight.