Thursday, 30 October 2008

Becoming winter

We've had a bit of a cold snap here the past few days, signs of the imminence of winter too. I lit the open fire in the sitting room last night, which was lovley, I love an open fire. Not for much longer, as OH has bought a woodburner to install as soon as we can. I know it's a more efficient way of burning wood, but I do like my open fire. I sat in front of it in the rocking chair with a glass of sloe gin......... Yesterday I put up the winter curtains too - big, heavy linen ones with thermal linings - they'll make a big difference to heat retention in here. I also swapped the cotton rug for the winter woollen one, so it'a very cosy and tucked in feeling in here now, ready for winter. The garden is full of birds feeding off the food I put out for them; the feeders need checking and filling every day to keep them topped up. A lot of the leaves are down, ground is sodden and muddy, occasional bits of frost lurk until mid-day, the sky is heavy, white and leaden. I'm looking out the pudding and Christmas cake recipes this week too, to make sure I have enough fruit etc to get them made at the weekend. Getting on with gift making too, so it's all rolling along nicely at the moment.
It must be cold - I'm wearing socks! LOL


aromatic said...

The fire looks so warm and welcoming... you home sounds a very lovely cosy place to be!!
Jane xxx

Libbys Blog said...

Just to say thank you very much for your lovely gift. The teacosy is brilliant and well needed. I have told everyone about you on my blog, so I hope you will gain extra visitors.
Many, many thanks again


Pixiedust said...

I've hooked out my Christmas cake recipe this week too. Just need some supplies and may make it on Saturday. I've never made a pudding before, I wonder if this will be the year? xxx

Heart in the country said...

Ooh, I couldn't give up my open fire even though I love woodburners - and of course they are much cleaner!

The temperature has dropped here but the birds are still fending for themselves at the moment - but I must restock on fat balls ready for when they do need a top up.

Good luck with your christmas preparations, you sound well ahead ;0)


Dalesgirl said...

can I come round to your place it sounds just perfect

kathyann said...

We used to have an open fire at our old house and I do miss it,especially now the central heating has packed up!
Christmas cakes and puds are on my to do list too.
Love from Kathy and the girls