Saturday, 1 November 2008

The throes of Christmas.........

- or the "throw of Christmas" to be more precise! We are doing a knitted blanket square swap on the Creative Living forum at the moment; we each choose what we would like, the other participants knit them and send them. I asked for 2 x 5" squares in white or cream, with a specific project in mind. I wanted to edge them in holly colours of red and green, and I started on the borders this morning whilst I drank my coffee after breakfast. The squares that ahve been contributed so far are really lovely, and I've done two myself, so I've a few to be getting on with, then await the last arrivals and put them all together. I'm pleased with the colours, and it looks quite Christmassy; will only be brought out at Christmas, to keep it seasonally special :)

These dropped off the needles this week too:

They are the "fetching" mitt pattern from knitty; I wore my last pair out! The colours don't seem to show up here too well - it's a lovely clear turquoise, edged with some of the handspun pink I did last week. They're warm in as far as they go, literally, so this week will see me making a pair of full mittens, as teh cold snap is forecast to continue for a while yet.


aromatic said...

Lovely, lovley creations!! You are so talented... I just wish I could knit and crochet. The more I see of all of your lovely creations the more I long to be able to do knit and crochet!
Keep warm!
Jane xxx

H said...

What a wonderful idea for the plain cream squares! Clever you!

Hannah x

kathyann said...

Love the squares,what a lovely idea having a Christmas throw to bring out each year,hopefully when we get moved and settled I would love be able to join in with the forum swaps,sounds like so much fun.
I need to find a pattern for mitts its so cold here and that's on the inside.Love the colour of yours,gosh you are always so busy Mrs L,don't know how you do it.
Love from Kathy and the girls