Saturday, 25 October 2008

Cold Mountain hat

This is what I made with the pink wool I spun; it's a pattern from the wonderful (one of the best sites around, lovely patterns, lots of inspiration). This one is "coronet", with a sideways cabled brim, then the stitches picked up around for the body of the hat. I added the little i-cord doo-dah on top just because I could LOL. Modelled here by a slightly bemused Bean........Quite pleased with it, and I might even keep it for myself this time :)

Forgot to say - it's called Cold Mountain as I was listening to the Soundtrack of the film whilst spinning the wool. Quite an apt name for it - thick and warm enough to wear if you found yourself traipsing up a mountain for some reason, and you'd be easily spotted in this pink colour if, heaven forbid, you got lost!


Tina said...

Looks great! I always wondered if the cabled sideways knit brim would be stretchy enough.

MrsL said...

Hi tina, thanks for leaving a comment :)I wondered too, as had never done a cable brim until now; I was able to stretch it around my head until it fitted snugly, then cast off and pick up for the main part; so, you can adjust thelnegth to fit how you would like, bit looser, or snugger. It's a nice fit, but won't fall off LOL