Thursday, 23 October 2008

On a grey blustery, wintry day..........

It's nice to inject a bit of colour into life, isn't it? Let's start with cake.............:)

I have a couple of things to do for the Guild competition - on Saturday! - so am getting on with them today. I've spun the 1 oz skein, in multi coloured wool I belnded on the carders. Used to look like this:

Next stage:

Finally, transformed into the skein, after plying:

I thought we could finish with cake too............LOL

The second competition is for a handspun item - ie something made out of yarn you've spun yourself. I've found some hot pink wool, so I've just got that on the wheel. As it's to be done for Saturday, it will be a "Small Item" :):):)


Kim said...

Pretty cakes and pretty wool, what a divine post :)

Kim x

Kittyboo said...

mmm, those cakes look yummy - and so does the yarn! Good luck with the competition.

Willow said...

It must be so satisfying spinning your own yarn .. and lovely colours too!
Willow x

aromatic said...

Gorgeous wool and lovely cakes!!! Hope the competition goes well for you!!

Jane xxx

thesnailgarden said...

I love the colours of your wool, it's interesting to see the before spinning and after pictures. Don't forget to show us the finished product! :) Your cakes have decided it - more baking today for me!

Pj xx