Friday, 24 October 2008

Market day

- seemed to come round quick again, even though I missed last week as MrL on holiday. UP at 6am, still very dark then, too dark to knit in the car on teh way down to Wimborne........Had a slight altercation with the staff in the "pharmacy" - the chemist, I call it LOL. I wanted some iron tablets, and was obviously in for a patronising lecture on who, what, why, etc, so I told them I'd take my business elsewhere, at which they weren't too pelased, but I'm old enough and sensible to know what I'm doing, especially where my family's health is concerned. Got quite cross about it, but I've let it go now. :) The market was lovely - full of autumn vegetables, bright with pumpkins and much talk of the weather, gloves worn, collars pulled up. I even found some pumpernickel bread on one of my favoruite stalls, for OH, I'm not that keen on it. I bought the beautiful jade rimmed plate there, for only50p. I haven't got the perfect place for it yet, but that perfect palce will rpesent itself in time, and I'll have just the thing to fill it. Got the pink item finished whilst waiting for MrL after the amrket - it turned into a rather ncie hat! Pictures to follow when it's done its stint at the Guild tomorrow. Teh feedstore came up trumps with a lovely big bunch of crysanths in a beautiful shade of lavender for 1.00, in aid of the Air Ambulanc, and a reduced sack of accorts for a pound; the best will go to making carrot whisky, the goats will get the offcuts on Sunday - everyone's happy! Stopped in at the tip this afternoon later on, to dump the ash; came home with some useful baking tins, a nice stripey cotton rag rug (brand new by the looks of it), interesting tin of buttons (lovely old tin) and the other things in the pictures. The floral china is Aynsley Cottage Garden - not a complete set, but very pretty, and will be useful; two little antique cream pots which I love for their simple utility - no use thought of yet, but I have them if I need them; a pair of salt and peppers - beautiful cottage design on them , couldn't resist them, even though I have a perfectly good wooden pepper mill and a clear salt grinder............I also found two very useful rectangular Denby dishes, good for pate etc.
Home now, all fed, cleared up, jsut waiting for Bean to come in, I've got a glass of honeysuckle wine on the windowsill, and will finish up here soon. Tomorrow is Guild day, so much talk of spinning weaving and dyeing to be done! My knitting's packed ready.................LOL


Greentwinsmummy said...

I love the salt & pepper pots the cottage picture is so sweet :o)
Yikes what on earth could a chemist find to argue about iron tablets? :oS I get that when tyring to buy calpol or cough stuff by the barrow load grrr I say look I have twins,I dont come to town often,let me buy the bloddy stuff!!!if I want 4 bottles,I want 4 bottles!
x x x x

Mrs C said...

Wow - some fantastic finds there yet again!