Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Pattern for retro pleated tea cosy

Here we go, the pattern for the blue and white tea cosy from the October giveaway. The pattern itself is from a very old "bazaar makes" booklet I got years ago, and remember my mother having it when I was small as well. I also remember one of the girls at primary school knitting one, so it's a real golden oldie :)

1 x 50g ball blue
1 x 50g ball white
Pair no 7 (UK) needles

To fit a two pint teapot

M= blue L = white

Special note
Pleats are formed by each colour being drawn across the back of the colour just used and keeping all the strands to the wrong side of teh work.

First half
Using M, cast on 56 sts and k4 rows. Join in L and work as follows:
Next row: K1M *K6L, K6M, rep from * to last 7 sts, K6L, K1M. Work 5 rows more

Next row: K1L *K6M, K6L, rep from * to last 7 sts, K6M, K1L. Work 5 rows more.

Next row: K1M *K6L, k6M, rep from * to last 7 sts, K6L K1M. Work 27 more rows.

Next row: K1M *K2togL, k2L, K2togL, K2togM, K2M K2togM, repeat from * to last 7 sts, K2togL K2L K2togL K1M

Next row: K1M *K4L K4M rep from * to last 5 sts K4L K1M

Next row: K1M *(K2togL) twice (K2togM)twice, rep from * to last 5 sts, (K2togL) twice, K1M

Next row: K1M *K2L K2M, rep from * to alst 3 sts, K2L K1M

Next row: K1M *K2togL, K2togM, rep from * to last 3 sts, k2togL, K1M

Next row: *K1M, K1L, rep from * to last st, K1M. Break L

Next row: K1*m1k,k twice in next stitch rep from * to last st, m1k,k1 - 30sts

Leave these 30 sts on a spare needle.

Second half

Work as for first half reversing colours.


Knit across both sets of 30sts, and K 10 rows. Cast off.

To make up

Join sides, leaving openings for spout and handle.

Make a cord and thread through top, add pompoms etc if liked.

m1 = make 1, by picking up and knitting into the back of the loop between last and next stitch

These look good in a strong colour with the white - cornflower blue, bright red, yellow. for a really classic retro look, pair dark green with cream. :)

Happy knitting - shout if you're not sure about anything.


Goosey said...

Thats lovely, I am not a knitter, but if I was I would knit this tea cosy! Love your blog and enjoy being inspired by your stuff.

ren said...

i dont think i quite ready for tea cosy making yet. Will be 1 day, if i can ever get the cardi made for F (b4 she's all growed up!!)
It is very pretty

MrsL said...

Goosey, I'd be happy to knit you a tea cosy if you would like one - just let me know what colours you would like. :)

Ren, you'll get there - you've enough on your plate without thinking of knitting tea cosies LOL


Leanne said...

Sarah, its lovely and would look so good on my cornishware teapot!

have a look at my latest post btw!!youve been tagged!

Leanne x

oddny said...

Many thanks for the pattern, am now half way through one in cream and green for my daughter's favourite t-pot.

Anonymous said...

Phew - having been given one of htese tea cosies as a gift have spent many many hours trawling patterns and the net to locate the pattern - so glad to have found it - can't wait to begin.