Sunday, 19 October 2008

October chores in the garden

Got a bit caught up in the garden this afternoon. Saturday was spent pottering - jumble sale in the morning, followed by knitting and pottering type things. Today was nice again, though, so we cooked breakfast outside on the rejuvenated coals from MrL's fire last night; it always tastes better outside, but I fear that may be the last time this year.
Got one bed dug over, infested with couch grass as it wasn't used this year. Cleared a lot of it, and will deal with it as and when it appears; I sowed the winter wheat in there, which should outgrow the couch hopefully, at least to begin with, then crowd it out when it gets its spurt growth on in the spring. Next job was to tidy up the cardoon- remove all tehd ead wood, old growth and generally tidy it up. Pruned an old blackcurrant bush back, then made new edges for a small bed nearby. Bit wonky, but I enjoyed doing it, and it will suffice for now. Forked that over and weeded it, then planted the garlic. Two greenhouses are cleared, awaiting cleaning, and the sweetpeas are sown. If it's dry tomorrow, I want to get the asparagus bed cut back, weeded and mulched, and mulch the quince tree.
Nice easy supper after all that exertion - pasta with a creamy mushroom herb sauce, washed down with a glass of honeysuckle wine. :) Here endeth another week! MrL back to work tomorrow, so normal service resumed............:)

In the interim, I see I've passed the 20,000 hit marker - so a huge thankyou to everyone who reads here, I really appreciate it!

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