Thursday, 9 October 2008

The library

I love the library, and think it really is a national treasure; British libraries are probably second to none. I use a variety of local ones, plus the mobile library which stops in the village once a fortnight. a good aspect of the service is that the books etc you have on loan can be returned to any library in the County, so you can fit it in with where you're going. Now I'm going to Wimborne on a Friday morning, I'm using that one. It's lovely to have a new-to-you library to browse through - I can always find something!
I read very little fiction; I like travel books, knitting, quilting, local history, practical books, gardening, philosophy, spiritual,recipe books, environmental issues, politics, Scottish interest books, poetry......
The pile above was won from the mobile library yesterday. Here's what I got, to give a flavour of the type of books I like:

New Europe - Michael Palin

Lost Land, Forgotten Stories, a woman's journey to the heart of Labrador - Alexandra Pratt

Fishing in Utopia, Sweden and the future that disappeared - Andrew Brown

Illustr. step by step book of quilting - Stanley and Watson

gordon Ramsay's Secrets

Terrine - Stephane Reynaud

How to feed your friends with Relish - Joanna Weinberg

Pupcakes - Stephanie Mehann

Looking forward to getting stuck into that lot! :)

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aromatic said...

I adore books myself, both fiction and fact. I have many interests so my taste in books is varied. I live out in the sticks and cannot drive. Public transport is very limited so visits to town are few and far between. Due to my OH's hours of work shopping is done at the weekend or on the odd occasion delivered. So do not have opportunities to use the library. I purchase most of my books but tend to purchase second hand depending on the condition of them. I am such a collector of books that I like to have a book and own it... so although a library is most certainly a national treasure.. I dislike having to take them back!!
I could almost open my own library!!!

Jane xxx