Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness........

Well, more rain than mists today, but lots of fruitfulness! Thought I'd post these to add a splash of colour to a really dreich day here in Dorset. I've already had one change of clothes today, and need to go out up the street later to the post office, so will come back and have a good hot bath I think - always seem a bit more decadent than the bath-before-bed routine :0) I got soaked to the skin doing some running repairs to the goat house, where the rain was driving in. Their shed is now adorned with a patchwork of turquoise feedbags over the ropey bits of roof and where they chewed holes in it. I think it looks fine, if a little "Steptoe & Son"; MrL will no doubt think differently, but I'm fed up reminding him (for reminding, read nagging :) ) about it. At least they are dry and cosy, and the new straw isn't getting spoiled. Whilst wet, I stopped off on the way down to pick the chard for supper; not sure what I'll do with it, but what spectacular colours.......... I picked a few more raspberries for the Boxing Day trifle, so they're in the freezer now. The dahlia is lovely - I still surprise myself being able to grow these! I've put it on the windowsill behind the sink so it will cheer me on my way whilst washing up. Coming into the autumn/winter fruits now - picked up a lovely wooden tray of satsumas at the market - I will keep the box and use it as a seed/seedling tray next year. I couldn't resist the pomegranates either!

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Leanne said...

what gorgeous vibrant colours!

Leanne x