Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Even more snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking up the hill towards the church:

The barn in the farmyard next door:

Our cottage in the snow:

Looking east towards the Vale:

Couldn't resist taking some more photos, from around the village where we live


Tea with Willow said...

Gosh, you really have got alot of snow!! It looks like a blizzard on that last photo!

Pop over to my Blog when you have a minute ... you may recognise someone!!

Willow xx

MrsL said...

LOL! Nice picture; so glad he liked it too.



Tea with Willow said...

Funny you should mention that the pattern for the bunny was from a 1970's book ... I can remember seeing lots of knitted toys like this in the 70's when my little sis' was born!

My son is at that "interesting" age ... one minute he's an "angry young man" .... next minute, he's asking for a cuddle on the sofa, while we watch tv!

Willow x

LynnS said...

So beautiful...there is something magic about snow and I always look upon it as the gift it is.

Your home is spectacular!!