Monday, 2 February 2009

A snowy Candlemas

Today is Candlemas, traditionally when stores of candles were taken to church and blessed. Candles were of huge importance before electricity; not just for light, but for purification against illness and disease, rituals, etc. I have in mind a new place to store my candles, in their own box, so would like to get that done today, as it seems appropriate.
It's snowing at the moment; we ararely get snow here in Dorset, the climate is quite mild and even. We woke up to a slight covering this morning, though, and it's just started again.
If Candlemas Day be fair and bright,
Winter will have another fight;
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain
Winter won't come again.
If Candlemas Day be dry and fair,
The half o' the winter's to come and mair;
If Candlemas Day be wet and foul,
The half o' the winter's gane at Yule.

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MoominMama said...

Lovely pictures! It seems many have woken to snowy views this morning. :)
Enjoy your day :D