Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More snow

Indulge me here - we don't get much down here in the balmy south of England LOL We've ended up here with almost 4", the countryside looks so lovely, and it's quiet - oh, so quiet............how I imagine our little village was before so many had vehicles.
People get so cross when they get a bit inconvenienced by the snow. I know there are real emergencies, accidents, no power, etc, but that's not what I mean. There was one man on the news last night bemoaning the fact the road near him hadn't been gritted and was shouting how it was "..like a third world country!!!!" Er, no. No, it isn't. It's one bit of road that isn't gritted. Walk to where you're going, or if you can't walk, then stay at home or wherever you are. It won't last long (relatively), and very soon things will be back to normal. Some people are unable or unwilling to cope when something like this comes along. Stay sensible and keep things in proportion is what I say. If you really do need help, then someone will be able to get to you hoepfully. I take my hat off to all the workers who have to be out in it - gritting lorry drivers, emergency services, breakdown trucks, they deserve the praise.
Bean is at home today as I'd be surprised if the college is open; they shut yesterday lunchtime to allow those who take buses to get home. I'd be even more surprised if the wee bus got up and around the lanes to our village. So - she's still in bed:)
There - that was a wee snow rant......................LOL


Auntie Noo said...

I was saying on my blog on Sunday: My next door neighbour who is 87 and has no central heating walked her Sunday lunch guest home as it was too snowy to take the car out - bout a 2 mile round trip. It's shameful that we need an 87 year old to show us how it's done isn't it! Nothing is insurmountable to her.

Jacqui said...

I so loved having the snow yesterday - even here in lowland Scotland we don't get much at all. It is winter (only just) so why are people surprised by snow? Love your blog - been meaning to leave a comment for ages:)

MrsL said...

No central heating here either, but I'm of sturdy Scottish stock, being brought up mostly in Galloway;LOL I just tend to get on with things! Not that far from you Jacqui; thanks for stopping by :)