Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Home made bath salts

I made these yesterday, based on a recipe from an old magazine. Very easy to make, and you can "flavour" them with your favourite oil. My favourite is rose geranium, but I think I'd like some lavender ones too.

Into a bowl:

200g sea salt
200g soda crystals
100g bicarbonate of soda
oil/s of your choice

Mix everything well, adding about 50 - 60 drops of essential oil/s of your choice. Put into a jar with a well-fitting lid, and leave to mature for about a week or so, shaking occasionally.
Put a good handful into a warm bath and relax...............................:)

Would make a lovely present at any time of the year; you could also add dried herbs/rose petals, oatmeal, powdered milk, etc to jazz it up a bit.

My jar is an authentic Mason jar, the legendary American canning jar. I can't get them over here, and I only have one - this one - which I found at the tip a few years back. It's a lovely jar. :)


Tea with Willow said...

What a lovely idea Mrs L ... it reminds me of the bath salts I used to buy from our local chemist as a teenager - lovely pastel colours etc. Do you remember those soaps you could get in the shape of fruits - oranges & lemons - I think they were made by Bromley? Happy days!!

Willow x

MrsL said...

OOOOhhh - Bronnley lemons!! I remember them :) One of the old-fashioned chemists in the town whre I usd to live shut down, and they cleared out all tehir store rooms, and sold off all their Bromley stuff at really cheap prices - I bought lots of the lmeons and other stuff. Thanks for the memory jog LOL

Look what I found:

They still make them!

Pixiedust said...

Thanks for that recipe Mrs L. Will be giving that a go. xxxx