Monday, 26 September 2011

Fruitful post

Yes, another one! lol

Winter Queening apple at the front; the three smaller ones are from an odd seedling that appeared  and I just left, although it's not in an ideal place really; glad I did, though, it's very like a Golden Delicioous, lovely wee sweet apples.

These were the quinces now stewing away for jelly

Quinces wrapped for a few weeks' storage

The last of the Bardseys, now ripened fully and the most glorious colours; I've wrapped these to store fora while to see how they last.

Another fruitful endeavour has abeen a foray into the world of fruit  leathers for the first time. Teh puree is made and ready for the next stage,  so will post when it's done. Interesting and enjoyable to do, I love trying new things for the first time. Smells good too! lol

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